400 lbs Provides Nutritious Meals

400 lbs of fruits and vegetables were generously donated through Teri of ProductionVilleSF. https://www.productionvillesf.com/  

20141216_164231  20141216_164255  20141216_164302        The bountiful donation recipients were La Luz, Nuestra Voz, Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, Brown Baggers, InterLink, R House, and Catholic Charities.

20141216_160000  Big Thank You to Teri and Christopher for all of their assistance loading the fruits and veggies which completely covered the van’s floor with 3 foot high stacks.

Another Big Thank You to PJ for lending her trusty van to make this donation possible. Tuesday and Wednesday’s rain downpour did not stop this donation from happening.


Big Hearted Generosity at Sonoma Raceway


Sonoma Raceway‘s

Indy Car 

Hospitality Suites

generously donated over 1,500 lbs of food. 31 trays of meat, 30 trays of starches, whole melons, fresh eggs, loaves of bread, sauces, cookies and so much more, enough to feed over 1500 people. 


A section of Sonoma Raceway’s extensive and impressive race track.

  Redwood Gospel Mission  (RGM) was the recipient of this bounteous donation. RGM’s Chris Keys, Matt Sutton, met Bob Hills of the Indy Car Ministry. Bob Hills initiated and coordinated the generous hospitality suite donations through Food Runners SONOMA County’s Director,  June Michaels.


RGM's Matt and Chris with race car


Chris Keys, Matt Sutton with race car



Volunteer Patti Stack assisted in the food donation pick up with RGM's  Matt Sutton and Luther Diggs. Truck was soon to have the entire floor covered with stacked donations.
Volunteer Patti Stack  with RGM’s Matt Sutton and Luther Diggs. The Redwood Gospel Mission’s refrigerated truck was soon to have the entire floor covered with stacked high with nutritious and yummy donations.












                                              Big Hearted Hospitality Suite donors:

Paddock Club (IndyCar)

Team Penske

Andretti Autosport

Team Target

Team Rahal

TV compound


APEX Brasil

Hamilton Racing (Dell) Hospitality

and Cadillac  IMG_3894

Amazing happenings this week!

I am so blessed.

Have just begun working with the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County to get the “free food” notice to nonprofits who serve our local hungry. Rachel McDavid and Jaime Smedes are absolute pleasures to work with. We had our first of more-to-come intros to Food Runners Sonoma County.

Met with Tim Boeve of Sonoma Raceway to discuss next year’s races and food donation possibilities. They truly understand the importance of food donations. I am so excited to work with Tim and his team to help feed our local hungry.

We will be in the 2015 Sonoma County Recycle Guide to get the word out about donating excess food!! Big Thank You to Karina!

The Sonoma County Green Business Program is interested in collaborating, too! We are meeting next week! Thank you, Karina, for the referral.

What a week!! Love it all.